Coinhead Music Licensing

At Coinhead Media Studios, we work to satisfy the human desire for music that is soulful, positive, and uplifting. We specialize in producing "Conscious Music", showcasing both upcoming and established artists in a variety of genres.

Check out our Conscious Music Sampler!

We also work with artists to deliver their music to the widest possible audience of appreciators. We have the authority to license a diverse catalog of recorded music for use in other media offerings, such as:

  • Film
  • Video
  • Presentations
  • Video Games

If you need to license beautiful music for your project, please send an email to , or call 512-466-0762.

If you want help creating a piece of media involving audio, please continue reading about Coinhead Media Services!

Coinhead Media Services

Our staff is experienced in production of a wide array of audio-centric media, including:

    • Radio Commercials and Voiceovers
    • Books on CD
    • Sound Design, Engineering and Compositing
    • Original scores and soundtracks for all types of media

Coinhead Media Studios has access to the top musicians and voices in Texas. We also work with Andy Murphy, a voice coach, producer and professor at the University of Texas at Austin.  For media projects that go beyond audio, we frequently work with MPowerd, Scrutable Systems, and other video, design and software firms to produce complete interactive experiences for Internet and other channels.

To begin discussing how we can meet your media requirements, please send an email to, or call 512-466-0762. Thanks!