“I've produced two very good CD albums of my bands at Coinhead Studios. Courtney is an excellent engineer with great ears and a good sense of what a producer does and needs. Being a skilled musician and an accomplished producer in his own right makes him the ideal match for band leaders looking for an excellent product at an affordable price.”

Slim Richey, Musician


“When I needed a professional voiceover demo made, Courtney Audain was referred…and I found him to be the utmost professional. Truly, the experience was a pleasure and the recording at his Coinhead came out even better than I'd imagined. I've continued to refer people to Courtney, as I know they will be more than satisfied and amazed with his care and incredible talent.”

Marci Winters, Writer / Director / Producer / Composer 


“Damn it, Courtney! Your mixes are musical, full and sweet. Your arrangements are the stuff that hits are made of. I've worked very hard to achieve these kinds of results and, after 30 years, you make me sound like a piker. The bad news: I've had to move you to my ‘people that I love to hate’ list! The good news:  you're in good company with the likes of Chris Gage, Andy Murphy, George Massenburg, etc. Damn it, Courtney!”

Mark McQuilken, Audio Engineer / Owner of FMR Audio


“There is magic in the air at Coinhead Studio, and you can feel it immediately. Courtney Audain is a gifted producer and phenomenal musician who inspires everyone around him. He bonds not only with the artist, but he connects the people in the studio to each other. And he makes it look easy! I have seen artists swallowed up in the studio, often by the freight train of other people's ideas and enthusiasm. Courtney never loses sight of the artist's intentions. Glad we have Courtney and Coinhead.”

Floyd Domino, Musician


“Coinhead has something no other studio has - Courtney Audain. His decades of experience as an A-list musician, composer, and audio engineer add so much more to your recording sessions than just a great sound. The facility is a little funky, a little off the beaten path, and unmistakably infused with soul, joy, and a passion for creating aural art. Coinhead Studios is my first choice in Austin for voice over projects.”

Mark Adams, Voiceover Client


“Working with Coinhead for years has been a real pleasure. It's a relaxed yet professional vibe. Courtney knows his stuff! I often ask for quick turnarounds on the work we do together and he truly delivers. The extra attention to detail in his work is hard to find anywhere. He sets the bar really high.”

Kate Peiler, Voiceover Client


“Coinhead Media Studios and Courtney Audain have a first class recording/production studio in Austin, Texas. Courtney is an excellent musician and a consummate producer. His concern for what his clients want and need - and his attention to detail - really shows in every completed product. Twenty plus years of experience allow him keen insight into a project and to bring it to fruition with speed and accuracy, without cutting corners. The studio itself is a very positive place to work. The atmosphere helps establish a peaceful and creative space in which to record.  Courtney goes above and beyond as a producer.  His own talent and steadfast regard for the client make for a winning combination. Courtney is always professional and courteous and has his artist's best interest at heart. I would work with him again, any time.” 

Steve Carter, Musician


“Courtney Audain at Coinhead Productions produced and edited two CDS for me. I have found him to be both efficient and professional. I never had to wait while he looked for the proper equipment when I arrived. I also found his suggestions on how to improve my material to be extremely helpful. He is a thoughtful and analytical producer who truly understands the work of his artists. He even found me a "doo-wop" band when I needed it. I also happen to know that he is a great cook, and a ton of fun at a party. But even if you only experience his creativity in the studio, you will find it to be rewarding and pleasurable as Courtney is a true professional.”

Aundrea at Innervisions


“It is a unique pleasure to make a record at Coinhead with Courtney Audain. The tone is set before setting foot in the studio with all of the beautiful flowers and Caribbean plant life that surround the place. I have toured internationally with Courtney, worked for him as a session guitarist on about 15 projects, hired him to produce an album of my own (Boderation), and have yet to see him in a musical situation where he is not a natural leader with clear and quick ideas that always serve the music at hand. Additionally, the session atmosphere at Coinhead is always fun and high-spirited, which for me makes a huge difference in how a record sounds. If you size up a studio by its gear list, you might sleep on this facility, but if you judge a studio by the quality of the records that come out of it, Coinhead is a contender on any level.”

Kris Brown, Musician


“Playing in Courtney Audain's studio is a fluid, effortless place to create music for all time. He is confidence, humor, brotherhood, music, engineer, playmate all wrapped up in one big smile and he is willing and ready to help you make the best of your ideas and songs and voice. Courtney was there to push me when I needed some insightful feedback, and very open to my interpretations and thoughts about adding/subtracting/moving the song to where it needed to go. Sonically, the song came out sounding brilliant, and I would HIGHLY recommend Courtney to anyone. Guaranteed beautiful chapter in your life.”

Sara Hickman, Official State Musician of Texas, May 2010 - May 2011