Coinhead Studio Tour

You walk down a tile-lined garden path behind the main house to the studio. Passing by the house you feel an uplifting sensation, and you somehow know this is an artist's abode.


Opening the studio door (unless the red recording light is on of course!) you find yourself in a spacious studio space with high ceilings and plenty of room for a full-sized band, but cozy enough for a solo artist to feel at home. A generously equipped sound stage resting on a floated floor is located back and to the right of the main room, graced by an adjustable ceiling over the percussion area.

door02 (image/jpeg, 19.7 kB, info)

vocal02Directly off the sound stage is a Vocal Isolation room that looks out to the control room and the rest of the studio. To the back and left is the Amp Iso booth, where you crouch inside to find an adjustable ceiling accommodating any stature.

. controlroom02

To access the Control Room you walk through the Live Room, which also has a side door leading outside the studio. Coinhead has a suspended control room, floated on rubber.  There is also baffling array of decorative elements in the studio, cleverly disguising their role in diffusing stray sounds in the room.

Inside Coinhead 03Once you take in the layout of this tastefully lit studio, you can relax into the atmosphere and admire the details. Vintage red velvet from the Schubert Theater in NY drapes the wall in the main recording area and lines the baffles on the walls throughout the studio. The walls are decorated with uniquely elegant and earthy artistic elements.

Up03We created Coinhead Studio with care and intention. It is meant to be a place of creative inspiration for all those who come here. We invite you to email to arrange a visit!