About mix CDs, hard drives and backup DVDs

Question: "When we finish a recording session, what do I get?"

Your audio information will be recorded using ProTools on a computer hard drive, and can also optionally be output to media like CDs and DVDs. For demos and small projects we will typically create a "final mix" for you, which is an audio CD that you can play in a CD player, copy and upload with a computer, play for label reps, etc. This CD may sound pretty good (though it has not been commercially "mastered", unless we've agreed to do that), and may be all you ever need from your project. However, this CD does not contain all the original audio data for the individual tracks we laid down in the studio. If you want to keep all that data so that you can work with it more in the future on some other system, you will need a copy of it. For this reason, you should generally bring your own hard drive to our studio, which should be a USB 2.0 compatible drive (preferably 40-80G or more). You can purchase these at most any computer store or online.

If you do not bring a hard drive, then you can temporarily borrow some space on our drives, but you will not have a permanent copy of your session data (i.e. original audio tracks) unless you pay us to make you a backup DVD.

To create a backup DVD of all your original session information so that it could be reopened on another computer in the future, we charge $25.00 per copy. You must purchase this copy at the time of your session, or make special arrangements with us in advance to hold your data. Otherwise, you risk irretrievably losing your audio data!

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